July 25, 2024

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Cost-effective machine health monitoring with the SKF QuickCollect sensor – it’s that simple

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The easy-to-use SKF QuickCollect Bluetooth-enabled, handheld sensor monitors the health of rotating machinery via mobile iOS and Android apps, identifies developing issues and mitigates potential failures by enabling customers to initiate predictive maintenance. The SKF QuickCollect sensor is ideal for service, reliability, operations, and maintenance personnel as part of a walk-around data collection program.

The SKF QuickCollect sensor monitors vibration and temperature which is then combined to provide valuable overall data that users can view on the spot in real-time via the SKF QuickCollect or SKF ProCollect app on a mobile device such as a tablet or smart phone. The data, consisting of predefined 3-in-1 overall measurements that include velocity, enveloped acceleration and temperature, can be shared company-wide and pushed to the Cloud for future analysis.

“Users can also choose to connect with SKF’s remote diagnostic centres via the SKF Enlight ProCollect app,” says SKF Connected Technologies Manager, John Storm. He explains that this software solution connects directly to SKF remote diagnostic services, giving users access to SKF Cloud and remote SKF diagnostic experts who can provide analysis and advice. The SKF Enlight ProCollect app adds customisability and synchronisation with the SKF Enlight Centre where long-term data can be analysed.

“SKF QuickCollect’s ease-of-use adds exceptional value,” notes Storm. He points out that essentially anyone can use SKF QuickCollect as extensive training and diagnostic expertise are not required. “Owing to the system’s intuitive user interface, it’s quick and easy to get started and can be employed in no time, offering a clear and detailed overview of machine health from day one.” The system uses a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts a full working day under normal usage conditions, ensuring uninterrupted, seamless machine health monitoring.

SKF QuickCollect is flexible and scalable; users can expand functionality via the SKF QuickCollect or SKF ProCollect apps to grow and complement their existing maintenance program. Both apps are easy to navigate on a smart device and provide colour-coded live readings, asset management and access to historical data. Each reading displays an overall measurement, including alarm status, minimum and maximum values as well as alert and danger thresholds.

The SKF QuickCollect sensor’s rugged water- and dust-resistant (IP65) design ensures reliable performance in tough industrial environments. Cinching a 2m drop test, the SKF QuickCollect CMDT 391-EX is approved for use in ATEX, IECEx and NEC hazardous-rated environments.

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