June 12, 2024

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In a recent announcement, President Hakainde Hichilema outlined key initiatives to strengthen Zambia’s governance and economic empowerment.

The President declared the forthcoming introduction of a law aimed at preventing the sale of mining licenses to foreigners, emphasizing the government’s commitment to empowering Zambians with ownership of mining operations.

Addressing the challenges in the public procurement process, President Hichilema disclosed plans for a new law in 2024 to address delays and corruption surrounding tenders.

Additionally, he highlighted the impending review of the Electronic Government Procurement System (EGPS) to ensure broader citizen access to contracts.

The President expressed concerns that the current conditions of the e-GP system favor businesses with prior government dealings, disadvantaging new entities.

In a separate matter, President Hichilema addressed the issue of regional identity in Western Province, urging Permanent Secretary Simomo Akapelwa to clarify that Zambia operates as a unitary state and dispelling notions of Barotseland.

He emphasized the importance of unity, stating that all regions, including Western, Luapula, and North Western Provinces, play a vital role in contributing to national development.

Secretary to the Cabinet Patrick Kangwa highlighted the achievements in the public service since 2021, citing successful implementations such as the decentralization policy, increased Constituency Development Fund (CDF), and the introduction of the public service agriculture loan facility. Kangwa emphasized that what was once a dream – decentralization – has now become a reality.

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