July 25, 2024

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Zambia’s Minister of Mines, Paul Kabuswe, recently provided an update on the status of negotiations concerning the ownership of Konkola Copper Mines and Mopani Copper Mines.

Despite the initial promise of a swift resolution, both parties are still engaged in discussions and have yet to reach a mutually agreeable decision on several key issues.

In his statement, Minister Kabuswe assured the public that he will provide periodic updates on the progress of these negotiations until a final resolution is achieved.

The government’s priority in these negotiations is to ensure that the wealth generated from the mineral resources benefits the Zambian people.

Addressing the media during a press briefing in Lusaka on Monday, July 31st, Hon. KABUSWE emphasized that the mining sector is governed by robust laws.

Moreover, he disclosed that the Ministry of Mines has already submitted a Memorandum to Cabinet, proposing the establishment of a Minerals Commission.

This commission is intended to regulate various aspects of the mining sector, particularly the production and sale of precious metals like Sugilite, Gold, and Copper.

He stressed that by actively overseeing the negotiations and introducing measures to regulate the mining sector, the Zambian government is committed to ensuring fair and equitable utilization of the country’s valuable mineral resources for the benefit of its citizens.

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