April 25, 2024

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Work must go on, even during a power outage

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South Africans continue to face the exasperating challenges of daily load shedding and things with Eskom – the country’s electricity public utility – seem to get more and more worrying.

Just when we thought the Stage 4 load shedding was bad, Stage 6 was announced. In fact, recent statistics indicate that an entire working month has been lost to load shedding for far in 2022.

Many hours without electricity are not only a very real problem for families at home trying to cook meals, do homework and just function normally, but hours on an end in the office without power are extremely serious for the survival of a business. When the power goes out, it is important for everyone to be able to keep working – time is money, even in a home office.

According to Legrand specialists, it is easy to overcome the problems of power failures, by investing in an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system. This nifty device ensures the continuity of service of essential electrical equipment, like a Wi-Fi router, PC and security systems.

A UPS system allows computers, the internet server and other home office equipment to continue operating even when the power goes out. And apart from allowing the user to keep working during a power outage, the UPS system also prevents data loss and ensures there is no damage to equipment when the power unexpectedly goes off.

With a UPS, it is also possible to save changes to documents during a power failure, make a backup of files and save data to a hard drive or cloud storage system. A UPS system is also designed to protect computers and other electronic equipment from surges in electricity, as the power goes off and back on, by maintaining a steady flow of power to machines. There is no longer the need to stress about power variances that could cause an interruption of power or a complete shutdown of the home office.

Legrand’s UPS solutions for the home environment do it all. These compact devices are easy to install and configure and not only provide reliable power in the event of a power outage or loadshedding, but also protect office equipment, data and processes.

This range includes high-performance Keor single-phase (SP) UPS line interactive VI units, from 0.6 to 2 kVA and Keor Line RT devices, which are single-phase UPS line interactive VI-SS units, from 1 to 3 kVA.

The Legrand design team has incorporated the latest technologies into these new advanced UPS solutions. What’s notable is energy-efficiency – which is a big bonus as electricity costs continue to escalate – and an intelligent battery charging system extends the system’s service life. In addition to significantly minimising UPS consumption and operating costs, Legrand’s UPS devices are designed to reduce the environmental impact of battery disposal.

Legrand Keor single-phase (SP) units feature a three colour LED bar that provides monitoring of the UPS status, a mute button, an internal automatic voltage regulator (AVR) a USB port and international output sockets.

Characteristics of Keor Line RT devices include a single-phase UPS reversible rack/tower for power from 1 000 to 3 000 VA, a perfectly sinusoidal output waveform, VI line-interactive, a boost and buck AVR converter, control by microprocessor and a battery that is easy to replace. Other features are an RS232 communication port, LAN / SNMP connectivity, LCD display, an integrated self-test function and advanced management of battery discharge. This system offers dependable protection against voltage peaks, overloads and short-circuits. There is also internet modem / LAN protection and the option of DC start-up.

Apart from efficient solutions for the home office, Legrand also offers UPS systems with specific design characteristics for other installations including offices, data centres, shopping centres (especially cash registers), hospitals, medical centres, and hotels. Other applications are in factories and warehouses, as well as airports, rail and ship transport.

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