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Swift and flexible cable marking systems

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Legrand’s cable marking systems have been designed for flexibility and reliability, as well as easy installation and optimum safety in any application, including original installations, extensions and modifications.

Legrand’s Starfix crimping tools efficiently perform four functions in one operation, offering time savings of more than 50 % compared with traditional tools that complete the same tasks. The Starfix crimping tool cuts, strips, twists and automatically crimps each Starfix ferrule onto the cable.

Starfix crimping tools are available in three sizes for cables from 0,25 mm² to 5 mm² and multi-purpose crimping tools are designed for cables from 0,5 mm² to 2,55 mm².

This easy to operate tool has a fully adjustable wheel which is set to the cross section of the cable. The cable is cut to the required length, automatically stripped and then twisted by tightening the tool and pulling the cable to remove the insulation. Ferrules, with an insulating flange, are then dispensed and crimped. The flexible design enables right and left-handed users to easily perform these functions.

For immediate recognition of the appropriate cross-section of ferrules, they are colour matched with applicators that have a transparent, removable protective cover. Ferrules are manufactured in strips for simultaneous separating and crimping. For easy handling and convenience on site, they are supplied in sachet or box packing. As the remaining ferrules are held firmly in the box packing option, there is never any wastage. Accessories include cutting and crimping blades, as well as fixing components.

Legrand’s CAB3 cable marking system offers a dependable solution to multiple cable and terminal marking requirements. Universal fittings ensure clear, rapid marking and simple modifications. This easy to use system is suitable for marking cross-sections of between 0,15 mm² and 6 mm² and the flexibility of this marker means it can be applied at any time, even after wiring.

CAB 3 is supplied in strips for easy handling and less wastage and consists of numbers, letters, conventional symbols and international colour coded markers. The system also comprises label holders and a re-usable applicator that facilitates fast distribution of markers.

Legrand’s Duplix open or closed cable marking system, enables the user to prepare either in advance or on site, two identical marking strips in a single operation, for use on the leading and trailing end of the cable. All the user has to do is fold two carrier strips together, clip the first marker on the first carrier, twist the device and clip again on the other side.

This second clip action automatically breaks the marker from the strip. This process is repeated until the desired combination is complete and the two carriers are easily separated and attached to the cable with cable ties.

Legrand’s easy to use, perfectly aligned Memocab cable marking system offers quick, secure and reliable black marking on a white background.

These marker carriers can be prepared in advance off site and are easily installed on a cable in just one operation. As markers do not have to be installed on the cable individually, time savings are considerable, particularly for long markers. Carrier strips are colour coded for easy identification and accurate matching of markers.

The double prong removes two markers at the same time and installs them concurrently onto double pre-cut marker holders. Marker holders are easily separated and simultaneously installed as permanent markers on either side of the cable.

Memocab is supplied in strips of 24 and facilitates easy portability to site, reduces loss or damage to markers prior to installation and enables the direct preparation of a list of markers on the tray before marking them up.

This system, which is suitable for use in all installations, has high resistance to aggressive environments.

Legrand’s Viking 3 terminal blocks – with screw or automatic spring or heavy-duty connection options – form the core of a reliable and easy to use connection system in wiring installations.

A notable feature of Viking 3 terminal blocks is that one marking system may be used for simultaneous identification of wiring and terminals. Compatible cable marking systems include Legrand’s CAB3 marking system and Starfix crimping tools and ferrules.

Viking 3 V2 polyamide terminal blocks have been designed to make an efficient connection between two rigid or flexible copper wires, ensuring easy installation, clear marking and optimum safety.

The perfectly shaped entry to the terminal acts as a guide for the conductor, facilitating perfect positioning for a quality connection. The cable is reliably and safely clamped in the terminal by constant contact pressure of the clamp/bar system.

This system allows intervention for measurements or maintenance on a current, voltage and power measuring circuit, by keeping the current transformer secondary circuit closed. Insulated bridging bars and combs have integral test sockets and identification rings for quick and easy testing.

Accessories include end stops and brackets for mounting; marking holders and plates; polyamide insulation barriers, safety screens and protective covers; measurement and testing plugs and sockets, as well as connection bridging combs, bars and brackets. Specially designed measurement accessories are also available for these screw and spring terminal blocks.

Viking 3 terminal blocks – which are colour coded for easy identification and accurate installation – comply with local and international quality and safety specifications, including RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) requirements, international approvals for ATEX certification and stringent IEC standards.

Colson Cable ties also play an important part in any cable management system. For optimum performance and extended service life in hazardous and corrosive environments, Legrand specialists advise that cable ties should have ultra-violet and corrosive resistant qualities and should be able to withstand operation in temperatures between -40⁰C and +85⁰C.

It is also important that cable ties are flame retardant (self-extinguishable – conforms to UL 94 requirements, HB classification) and have good resistance to bases, oils, greases, saline mist and oil products. Cable ties for indoor applications do not require such stringent features.

Legrand makes a substantial investment to continually upgrade and improve its extensive range of products and systems for electrical installations and information networks, to meet exact market requirements.

A comprehensive range of electrical products and accessories, including cable management components, is available throughout Southern Africa, from Legrand and its distributor network.

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