April 25, 2024

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Safe and efficient dust suppression during conveying

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ScrapeTec, in conjunction with BLT WORLD Inc, participated at this year’s GEAPS Exchange event, held recently in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

The Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) is an international professional association of individuals who work in the grain handling and processing industry. Since 1930, GEAPS has fostered leadership, innovation and excellence in grain-related industry operations.

“This prestigious trade fair – the largest event of its kind worldwide – is the perfect platform for players in the grain industry to network, to showcase new products and share the latest technologies and trends in the industry,” explains Thorsten Koth, ScrapeTec Trading GmbH. “This year’s event brought together over 3 700 visitors —from operations to senior management – and 1 000 companies from about 23 countries. Almost 400 exhibitors in the grain handling sector presented their latest and most innovative products and services.

“In conjunction with our leading distributors, BLT WORLD Inc, the ScrapeTec team presented the company’s advanced equipment, designed for the efficient control of dust and material spills during conveyor handling.

“Companies around the world are continually looking for more efficient, dependable systems to alleviate problems associated with dust generation and belt spillage, caused by misalignment of conveyor belts. Common difficulties include dust, spills and contamination at the transfer points of conveyor systems. Misalignment, abrasion and subsequent belt damage are other problems industry faces. 

“ScrapeTec dust suppression systems have been developed to mitigate dust-related issues and to reduce material spills, achieving significant cost savings, reduced energy consumption, improved environmental protection and a safer workplace. In addition to substantial operational efficiency, there is no longer the need for conventional dust collectors that demand high energy comsumption.

“The ScrapeTec and BLT WORLD team was proud to participate at this interactive event and to introduce our advanced dust suppression equipment to grain specialists from all over the world.”

Additional information

ScrapeTec’s AirScrape and TailScrape conveyor components control dust formation and stop material spill, which enables material control and minimises the risk of explosion at transfer points along the conveyor route. The PrimeTracker belt tracking systems controls misalignment, thereby reducing abrasion and belt damage.

According to specialists, conventional dust control measures – which include side seals, covers, shrouds or enclosures around a dust source – do help to suppress dust generation and dispersal in the short-term, but many of these measures quickly wear-out as a result of friction and can damage the belt of the conveyor during extended periods of use.

There are substantial benefits when combining ScrapeTec’s AirScrape, TailScrape and PrimeTracker belt tracker on a conveyor system. The PrimeTracker ensures the belt is constantly in the correct position during operation, thus eliminating problems with belt mistracking, while the AirScrape and TailScrape efficiently control dust, prevent material spill and minimise explosion risks.

The contact-free AirScrape conveyor belt skirting system is an effective side seal that lies over the conveyor belt, without contact and creates negative pressure on the belt, due to its specially-designed blade structure. Because this system hovers freely above the conveyor belt, skirt friction and belt damage are eliminated and service life of every component of the conveyor is extended.

The AirScrape system encompasses inward facing, hardened-steel diagonal blades and operates according to a new principle where it hovers 1-2 mm, on the left and right side above the conveyor belt.

These blades deflect larger particles inwards, while using the air-flow of the conveyor belt and conveyed material to create an inward suction, forcing any dust and fine particles back into the product flow. Through these diagonally fitted plates and the speed of the running belt, air is drawn from the outside inwards. As a result, neither the dust nor material can escape.

Conventional skirting is pressed against a conveyor belt to keep dust and material in the middle of the belt, but after a period, wear of the skirting and belt can be so severe, that material and dust escapes. Material spillage at transfer points needs to be removed and regular maintenance of belt skirting and transfer points is necessary.

With the AirScrape dust-free and contact-free, side-sealing system for belt conveyors, there is no skirt contact and therefore no belt wear or damage. Motor power requirements are reduced, as there is no belt-skirt friction and because there is continuous skirting with no gaps, product loss is minimal.

The durable ScrapeTec system consists of non-flammable and anti-static polyurethane materials and blades made from Stainless Steel. FDA-approved materials are also available for specific conveyor handling applications.

ScrapeTec specialists and the BLT WORLD team work closely to develop advanced solutions for conveyor systems used in the handling of all bulk materials, including grains, fertilizer, gypsum, cement and mineral ores. A technical advisory and support service enhances performance of every ScrapeTec system.

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