Rubicon brings Synapse Ultra hybrid inverters to SA marketplace

Renewable energy company Rubicon has backed up its reputation as an industry leader by unveiling an innovative new product that Rubicon hopes will help consumers avoid power-outages and loadshedding.

Rubicon brings Synapse Ultra hybrid inverters to SA marketplace“The Synapse Ultra hybrid inverter and battery system is the newest addition to our Synapse family that has proven itself in the marketplace,” says Dylan Schnetler, Director of New Business at Rubicon. “We initially launched with 3.6kW, 5kW, 6kW and 8kW hybrid inverters, but we are expanding the range to include up to 200kW hybrid inverters by early 2024. This move solidifies Rubicon’s commitment to providing a wide spectrum of options to meet the varying needs of residential and small-to-medium commercial users.”

The new inverter comes with a standard 10-year warranty, but the real power play is the inverter’s seamless integration with leading battery manufacturers. “This compatibility ensures that consumers have the flexibility to choose the energy storage solution that best suits their unique requirements,” adds Schnetler, adding that along with the new inverter product, the company has introduced the Synapse battery range, featuring a 1.3C 4.8kW battery with a 10-year warranty as well. “This high-spec combination of the Synapse Ultra hybrid inverter and the Synapse battery ensures a robust, dependable and long-term energy storage solution,” says Schnetler.

Among the inverter’s other benefits are:

  • AC coupling: An intelligent coupling scheme for easy upgrades to existing grid-connected systems.
  • Automatic UPS switching.
  • Battery integration: Compatible with both lead-acid and lithium ion batteries, with multiple battery protection features.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Reception extends beyond industry standard of 20 metres.
  • Flexible connection: This supports single- and three-phase connections with a maximum of 48kW in parallel (8kW).
  • Generator connectivity: Multiple input methods and automatic generator on/off control.
  • High charge/discharge capacity: Up to 190A max charge/discharge current (8kW).
  • Loadshielding: Supports two back-up controls for loadshielding during off-grid mode.
  • Peak shaving control: Supports peak control in grid and generator conditions.
  • Surge power back-up: A 10-second 200% surge power overload capability.

Rubicon has added a new level of service excellence to its offering, explains Schnetler. “We have a network of branches around the country and dedicated field support teams for all our products. Now we have added a 24-hour swap-out process for Synapse Ultra, ensuring rapid response and resolution in the event of any product failure during the warranty period, providing customers with added peace of mind when they buy our brands and products.


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