July 25, 2024

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ROMPCO to expand its customer base and ensure uninterrupted gas supply in 2024

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 Focused prioritisation and diligent execution of its goals allowed the Republic of Mozambique Pipeline Investments Company (ROMPCO) to maintain uninterrupted gas supply to customers and achieve zero fatalities in 2023, highlights General Manager Commercial & Customer Affairs Motlokwe Sebake. This was despite the expected decline in gas supply from the Pande and Temane gas fields in Mozambique and the challenge posed to identify an alternative gas source.

“Our strategy for 2024 involves partnering with both gas suppliers and users to promptly seek alternative solutions and ensure a continuous and reliable gas supply,” affirms Sebake, in addition to expanding its customer base through new sign-ups.

Commenting on the latest trends in the sector, Sebake says there is a growing emphasis on natural gas as a transitional or bridge fuel, due to it having lower carbon emissions compared to coal and oil. New technologies like carbon capture and storage to reduce environmental impact are increasingly under the spotlight.

The global demand for LNG is rising, driven by increased use in power generation, industry, and transportation. Major investments are being made in LNG infrastructure to facilitate international trade. In addition, there is a growing focus on renewable natural gas (RNG), which is produced from organic waste sources. It is a sustainable means to produce natural gas and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“The natural gas industry is currently grappling with significant challenges, including alternative gas supply concerns, elevated gas prices, and uncertainties stemming from the anticipated decline of the Pande and Temane gas fields. To address these issues, the private sector can play a pivotal role by fostering collaboration and actively working to aggregate gas supply,” comments Sebake. Such a concerted effort not only has the potential to lower gas prices, but also facilitate the final investment decision on the $550 million Matola Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU) project by TotalEnergies and Matola Gas Company off the coast of Mozambique.

In addition to such major infrastructure projects, Sebake adds that prioritising training, sustainability, and community empowerment as corporate goals is vital for economic growth. Effective training boosts employee skills, leading to increased productivity. Sustainability efforts not only benefit the environment, but also enhance a company’s reputation, attracting conscious consumers.

“Community empowerment, through job creation and support, contributes to overall economic well-being. These initiatives create a win-win scenario, fostering business success and generating jobs for a thriving economy,” stresses Sebake. He concludes that, apart from signing up new shippers and customers in 2024, ROMPCO will continue to play a vital role in facilitating the transportation of gas into South Africa to meet regional energy needs.

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