July 25, 2024

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Nord-Lock strengthens its brand with CE marked securing washers

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The Nord-Lock range of securing washers, distributed and supported by BMG, is the only brand on the market that currently displays the CE quality mark of approval from leading global authorities.

“The prestigious CE marking is certification that these wedge-locking washers adhere to stringent safety and quality regulations required in the building and construction industry,” says Maryna Werner, BMG’s Fasteners Sales Manager. “BMG takes extreme care in the selection of quality branded components throughout the entire product range, which encompasses bearings, seals and gaskets, power transmission components, drives and motors, materials handling, tools and fasteners, agricultural products, hydraulics, filtration and lubrication.

“The BMG fasteners team is proud to supply and support Nord-Lock wedge-lock washers now displaying the CE mark. This quality range reinforces our pledge to delivering excellence and to provide our customers with a competitive edge in their operations.

“The most important benefit of Nord-Lock washers now carrying the CE marking is that building and construction businesses have the assurance of compliance and safety. With a locking mechanism that uses tension instead of friction, Nord-Lock washers keep bolted connections tight and secure. Even when subjected to severe vibrations, heat cycling and dynamic loads, operators can rest assured that bolts will stay in place.”

BMG specialists work closely with customers in all sectors, to offer a complete service solution, where technical expertise supports quality structural fasteners and fastening components. The team offers an important service to determine the dimensions and load conditions of existing or required bolted joints. Current tightening methods are evaluated and bolt preloads, for absolute reliability and durability, are calculated.

The company celebrates 50 years of business this year.

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