April 25, 2024

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New Serco dry freight interlinks

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Pietermaritzburg-based trucking company Yacoob’s Transport has added two new Serco-built dry freight interlinks to its refrigerated vehicle fleet.

New Serco dry freight interlinks

Trivolan Pillay of Serco, Yacoob Dhoda and Clinton Holcroft also from Serco.

A key priority for the customer was to get the best possible payload and maximised loading volume. This was achieved with a 6.1m front, box body trailer and a 12.2m rear, box/ body trailer, also known as a Superlink. The trailer has a through-loading capability to ensure efficient loading and offloading as well as a lightweight chassis and new look lightbox and chevron board, giving a payload of over 36 tons.

Yacoob Dhoda, the CEO of Yacoob’s Transport, has been a long-standing customer of Serco’s, having bought a number of refrigerated trailers from the company over the past 20 years.

The two new dry freight interlink trailers will be used to handle new contracts and diversify the fleet.

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