April 25, 2024

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Namibia Selected as a crucial mining and energy growth market

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In the medium term, sub-Saharan Africa’s mining and energy sectors have selected NAMIBIA as a crucial growth market.

This is because the outlook for the industries has generally improved, as a result of higher commodity prices, quick technological improvements, and a more accommodating local regulatory framework.

Given that they have been assisting oil and gas clients in Namibia over the years in meeting their demanding requirements, Robert Makunike, Country Operations Manager for Namibia at International SOS, said these, coupled with a growing sustainability agenda in the sector, open up significant opportunities for them.

“From a sustainability point of view, we help organisations meet their health and safety requirements; we support them in their Duty of Care agenda, and in implementing public health programmes that positively impact the communities around the project site,” he said.

International SOS first established a presence in Namibia in 2001 following the merger of Medical Rescue International, which had been providing emergency medical services in Namibia since 1993, and Aeromed, which had operated in the country since 1995.

After establishing a permanent presence in the country, supporting both onshore and offshore clients in Namibia, the amalgamated firm provided emergency medical support and emergency assistance evacuation services to numerous mining and oil and gas clients across the country.

However, a combination of factors, including a slowdown in economic activity due to the pandemic, resulted in constrained business activity and a contraction in new business opportunities in the region.

International SOS has identified a resurgence in exploration within the booming energy sector, fuelled by constrained global supply for gas and oil and rising demand for greener energy sources such as hydrogen and uranium, as major catalysts for business expansion in the country.

“Moreover, since the pandemic, organisations have also had to find and adopt new ways of operating, ensuring business continuity and protecting their workforce,” added Makunike.

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