April 25, 2024

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Konecranes is reducing fuel consumption

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In the world of material handling, equipment operators grapple with frequent downtime, soaring fuel consumption, and excessive emissions. Downtime can be financially crippling, especially when it results in shipping delays, incurring demurrage charges in dollars. Elevated fuel consumption directly impacts profit margins, while heightened pollution levels compromise environmental standards. Hence, any advancements in equipment that promise to reduce costs and emissions are wholeheartedly welcomed by material handling companies.

Konecranes is reducing fuel consumption

Konecranes, a stalwart in the lift truck industry with a rich history of collaboration with leading container ports and terminals, offers a solution that brings respite to these challenges. Their range of lift trucks incorporates cutting-edge technology designed to keep operations running smoothly, trim running costs, and ensure compliance with stringent emission regulations.

Lenny Naidoo, Acting National Operations Manager for Heavy Lift at CFAO Equipment SA, a division specializing in heavy forklifts for container handlers and ports, underscores Konecranes’ industry leadership. For over 80 years, Konecranes has been at the forefront of the lifting sector, providing reliable and resilient container lift trucks, reach stackers, and forklift trucks tailored for shipyard, port, and terminal applications.

Naidoo further explains Konecranes’ commitment to continuous improvement, safety, and cost-effectiveness through extensive research and development efforts. Their latest technology offerings empower them to provide bespoke solutions to customers, addressing their specific needs. Naidoo also highlights the company’s service-oriented approach as a distinguishing factor.

One of Konecranes’ groundbreaking innovations is the Flow Drive concept, which not only significantly reduces fuel consumption and emissions by up to 25% but also enhances the driver experience and increases active operation time. Flow Drive leverages hydromechanical variable transmission (HVT) to regulate power at low speeds, thereby reducing wear and tear, fuel usage, and emissions on heavy-duty engines, all while maintaining peak performance. With longer intervals between refueling and reduced maintenance requirements, Flow Drive substantially bolsters productivity, making it a valuable addition to daily operations.

Konecranes places a strong emphasis on active preventive maintenance to enhance productivity and safety. Their CheckApp is a user-friendly mobile app that simplifies daily inspections for crane operators. It enables operators to swiftly record their findings during pre-shift and pre-lift inspections, facilitating intuitive and reliable auditing of these critical tasks. CheckApp also allows for the capture of videos and photos, which can be uploaded to the cloud for service personnel to access. The inspection results not only help identify safety or production risk issues but also pinpoint opportunities for workplace improvements and operator training.

Naidoo underscores the paramount importance of daily inspections in ensuring safety and operational efficiency. Even with regular maintenance, unforeseen issues can arise due to factors like continuous or heavy usage, operator behavior, or overloads. Daily inspections serve as the first line of defense, enabling operators to detect obvious damage, excessive wear, or other deficiencies and ensuring that the crane is in proper working order before lifting a load.

In conclusion, Konecranes’ technology represents a significant advancement in material handling, offering solutions that cut costs, reduce emissions, and improve operational efficiency—all while prioritizing safety. As the industry continues to evolve, such innovations are paramount in keeping operations running smoothly and responsibly.

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