July 25, 2024

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Internal combustion forklift trucks reach new highs

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“We know how tough it is for our customers when they are faced with the difficult decision about which machine to buy. To most people, a forklift is a forklift and they all look the same, so price becomes the deciding factor. But materials handling specialists know that not all forklifts are created equal and that every brand, type and size forklift truck has different features for performance, stability, safety, maintenance requirements and service life.”

This is the view of Brenton Kemp, Managing Director of Criterion Equipment, part of Invicta Holdings Limited.

“Our team of experts advises each customer on which machine is best suited for every application to ensure the highest levels of productivity and improved safety on site,” explains Kemp. “It is also important for customers to rely on a dependable repair service and the quick supply of OEM approved parts.

“As distributors of quality branded equipment that is manufactured to pristine global standards, Criterion Equipment takes pride in the supply and support of forklift trucks that we know deliver the finest performance standards in the industry.

“We work closely with our diverse customer base, to offer them the latest machines to meet exact market requirements. The newest machine in our TCM range is the latest generation of internal combustion forklift truck – the TCM P-series, with capacities from 1,5 to 3,5 Ton.”

Criterion Equipment’s new generation TCM internal combustion forklift trucks, which replaces the previous iNoma series, has been developed with advanced features for precise control, improved manoeuvrability, higher efficiencies and enhanced safety.

The new TCM P-Series – representing power, productivity and performance in materials handling – ensures reliable operation and low maintenance requirements in all sectors, including general engineering, manufacturing, warehousing, construction and mining.

The new generation TCM P-Series, which is diesel, gas or petrol powered, boasts notable features including a floating power train and a steering synchronizer for safe and effortless steering.

In addition, standard features comprise an anti-corrosion radiator – an advantage in tough conditions in Africa – a starter motor protection system, a double-action parking brake lever and a full suspension safety seat, with seat belt and warning light designed to reduce operator fatigue.

Other features are a mechanical hydraulic control system, tilt cylinders and a single element cyclone air cleaner. Head, front and rear lamps enable safe and precise operation in dark conditions. These machines have a new counterweight design for enhanced stability, a 26mm reinforced foregate and yellow reflectors for greater safety.

An acrylic roof, which is easy to install and remove, improves comfort and protection for the operator in outdoor conditions.

FDM P-series forklifts are equipped with Tier 3 diesel engines that minimize noise levels and reduce vibration, ensuring greater comfort. These environmentally-friendly units are also designed for efficient fuel consumption and low emissions.

FDM forklifts equipped with 2,5 litre S4Q2 diesel engines have capacities between 1,5 and 2 Ton, while machines fitted with 3 litre S4S engines have capacities from 2 to 3,5 Ton. Diesel units have anti-rust paint on the exhaust manifold.

FGM forklift trucks in the P-series are equipped with gasoline electronic control engines as standard. Machines fitted with GK21 gasoline engines have capacities from 1,5 to 2,5 Ton and GK25 engines have capacities between 2 and 3,5 Ton.

An important feature of P-series diesel machine is an advanced wheelspin suppression system that enhances engine control in order to reduce unnecessary fuel injection, thus improving fuel efficiency and extending the service life of tyres.

To improve operator performance and safety, a newly designed LCD colour display clearly displays critical warnings, like engine oil pressure, torque converter fluid temperature, engine check lamp and a multi-purpose warning icon. Integrated external switch functions include easy speed and power selection, as well as a load zero set function.

Criterion Equipment offers various options and accessories for the P-series, including simplex, duplex and triplex masts, forks and extension sleeves, as well as bale sleeves, side shifters and rotating roll clamps. Other options for enhanced operation and greater safety are a digital load weight indicator to prevent overloading, as well as a selection of blue and red pedestrian lights.

In summary, the TCM P-series has many advantages over other machines, including important safety features like synchronised steering, the mast and travel interlock and various warning lights and alarms. The units are also fitted with bigger engines for higher performance and operational efficiency. The P-series also offers lower maintenance requirements and extended service life.

Criterion Equipment’s range – which is available from a national branch and a distributor network – comprises all models of TCM forklift trucks, covering most forklift classes. These include electric counter-balance trucks, reach trucks, powered pallet trucks and rough terrain forklifts, as well as Internal Combustion (IC) counter-balance trucks.

The company offers an obligation-free site survey service, as well as a technical advisory, spare parts, repair and maintenance facility to ensure optimum performance from every machine.

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