July 25, 2024

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High load industrial bearing grease from SKF offers the best of both    

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SKF’s new LGNL 2 is a mineral oil-based, anhydrous calcium soap-thickened industrial bearing grease that is highly suited for high load applications. 

The grease smartly combines the superior water resistance and mechanical stability of lithium greases with the economic advantages of a calcium-based thickener. This ability to offer the best of both is a result of thorough research as well as a lubricant blending process conducted by SKF. LGNL 2 offers good mechanical stability and pumpability, excellent water resistance as well as corrosion and wear protection.

LGNL 2 has also undergone successful compatibility testing with LGMT 2, LGEP 2, and LGWA 2 greases and is expected to mix well with other mineral oil-based greases with a lithium thickener. Explaining grease compatibility, Eddie Martens, SKF Product Manager – MaPro, says, “it’s the extent to which two greases can be temporarily mixed with each other without showing extensive hardening or softening of the mixture.” Martens highlights the fact that either one of those could endanger the lubrication of the bearing.

Due to its unique and multi-faceted properties, this wide applications grease is also an effective alternative for extreme pressure lithium based greases. “LGNL 2 offers comparable performance to lithium greases at lower production costs which, combined with grease consolidation opportunities, deliver potential stock and subsequent cost savings for customers and end users,” adds Martens. “Moreover, LGNL 2 can measure itself against known EP greases both inside and outside of the SKF portfolio.”                                   

In addition to vibration applications, this industrial bearing grease from SKF is also ideal for use on conveyors, mills, crushers and agricultural equipment.                                          

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