July 25, 2024

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Fuel-bunded tanks for efficient filtration

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A growing area of BMG’s filtration services is in bulk fuel filtration. Self-bunded tanks, which are used on fuel farms, are fitted with BMG’s OMTEC spin-on filters that have been specially designed for installation in the pumping compartment.

“Fuel farms are useful to ensure that equipment utilising fuel from the farms is filled with good quality fuel,” says Willie Lamprecht, Business Unit Manager, Fluid Technology Low Pressure, BMG. “The use of high quality fuel results in longer service life for mobile equipment and ensures substantial cost savings. The disadvantages of burning contaminated fuel include damage to equipment, which needs more regular replacement and clogging of filters that causes downtime.

“With the growing trend for diesel-fuelled equipment, the BMG team has recognised a greater demand for the supply of ‘cleaner’, non-contaminated diesel and lubricant oils. The control and prevention of contamination of fluids is critical for optimum performance, improved reliability and extended service life of machinery, equipment and vehicles.

“Our team is concerned that fluid maintenance is frequently neglected in the field and we work closely with our customers to make sure they avoid the negative consequences of using contaminated fuel and lubricant oil. The main cause of contamination in diesel and lubricant oils, is water and dirt ingress. Foreign materials encourage the culture of bacteria, which feed on hydrocarbons and degrade fuel quality.

“Our customers understand that without the implementation of a structured control and contamination prevention programme, premature equipment failure is likely to occur, resulting in unnecessary downtime and costly replacement of parts.”

All BMG filtration systems utilise advanced technology to ensure fluids – including water, fuel and lubricant oil – are within the required cleanliness standards. These systems comprise OMTEC ECO Blue Filters and FG desiccant breathers.

BMG’s OMTEC ECO spin-on elements – which are installed in the pumping compartment of self-bunded tanks – ensure quick, effortless and efficient servicing of the fuel filtration system, without the need for specialised tooling, lifting equipment or elevated work platforms. With this system, filter media has greater protection from environmental contamination during installation and maintenance, than conventional cartridge style elements.

BMG’s ECO spin-on elements consist of three spin-on cartridges and water-repellent cartridges and offer 3 – 6 Micron ratings and a working pressure of 24 Bar. This range is suitable for efficient filtration and water absorption in all diesel fuels and is used largely by transport companies and in mobile equipment, in mining machines and any machine burning diesel for energy.

BMG’s Fluid Technology division provides essential filtration, separation and purification solutions that improve operational efficiencies for customers in all sectors. These industries include fuel distribution, offshore and aviation services, mining, power generation, agriculture and earthmoving, as well as chemical, petrochemical and military.

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