July 25, 2024

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Fibertex South Africa partnered with the company’s distributor in Ghana,

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Fibertex South Africa partnered with the company’s distributor in Ghana, Hiralco, to host a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) seminar, in conjunction with The Ghana Institute of Civil Engineering (GhIE).

“This seminar – which focused on geosynthetics and soil reinforcement – was held recently as part of our accredited CPD programme, that is designed to improve and broaden knowledge and skills of architects, civil engineers, consultants and students in the construction sector,” says Brian Potgieter, Technical Sales Engineer, Fibertex South Africa. “The Fibertex presentation focused on the crucial role that geosynthetics and soil reinforcement play in contemporary structural design and solutions. By focusing on advanced technologies and global applications, we strive to provide professionals with insights about geosynthetics that will enhance their practices.

“Our seminar was well received by about 50 delegates who attended the event in Accra, Ghana, and another 50 online participants from around Africa.”

Through the CPD programme, the Fibertex team establishes partnerships in the industry and promotes shared goals that contribute to the advancement of geosynthetic solutions. This programme also encourages the development of emerging talent within the field of geosynthetics, by nurturing skilled and innovative professionals who will promote growth of the industry.

Fibertex SA and Hiralco collaborate closely in Ghana, to optimise the efficiencies of geosynthetic materials used in civil engineering, construction and mining projects. Hiralco provides product solutions to construction professionals for their specific project requirements in Ghana. The Fibertex range of geosynthetics products encompasses nonwoven and woven geotextiles, gabions and mattresses, drainage pipes and fittings and erosion control and cellular confinement solutions. The company also supplies soil reinforcing products, including geogrids and geocells, as well as geosynthetic clay liners as part of composite lining systems in modern landfills.

High-performance Fibertex materials – which comply with stringent quality, environmental and health specifications – play an important role in diverse sectors, including acoustics, automotive, bedding, building, composites, concrete, filtration, flooring, furniture, geotextiles, medico and wipes.

Fibertex is the largest manufacturer of UV stabilised virgin PP (polypropylene) nonwoven geotextiles produced in Africa, with certification for durability of over 100 years, in accordance with the latest EN standards.

The company’s team of experts offers a technical advisory and support service, to ensure correct specification of durable and safe materials for every project.

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