EvoQuip’s Falcon 820 is a testament to innovation

EvoQuip®, a front-runner in the manufacturing of compact crushing and screening equipment, unveiled its latest offering, the Falcon 820 Inclined Screen.

EvoQuips Falcon 820 is a testament to innovationThis new addition to their line-up is a versatile unit combining scalping, screening, and stockpiling, equipped with a double-deck, two-bearing screen box. Designed to function in diverse environments, including sand and gravel, crushed stone, coal, topsoil, and demolition waste, the Falcon 820 is a testament to EvoQuip’s innovative spirit.

Featuring a large screening area and a high-frequency double-deck screen, the Falcon 820 stands out with its exceptional screening efficiency. This efficiency allows for faster processing, leading to increased uptime and throughput. Notably, the Falcon 820 offers adjustable incline angles, providing operators with the flexibility to tailor the screening process to specific material types. This adaptability ensures accurate separation and superior quality of the final product.

In terms of durability, the Falcon 820 is built to endure the harshest conditions, crafted from high-quality materials and components. Its robust construction promises long-term reliability and lower maintenance costs, thus maximizing uptime.

Andrew Armstrong, EvoQuip Product Manager, enthusiastically speaks about the Falcon 820, noting, “The introduction of the Falcon 820 marks a significant milestone for us. It reflects our deep understanding of compact machinery, infused with the latest technological advancements, to offer a top-tier screening solution. This machine is engineered to optimize results, enhance productivity, and maintain a competitive edge for our customers.”

Key to the Falcon 820’s appeal is its compact design and easy transportability, making it suitable for various job sites. It boasts a user-friendly setup and excellent maintenance access, ensuring minimal downtime and sustained productivity.

Additionally, selected Falcon screens, including the 820, are equipped as standard with the T-Link telemetry system. This feature provides real-time machine performance data, accessible via tablet or smartphone. The system delivers detailed information on location, fuel consumption, tonnages, wear ratings, operating hours, and more, enabling effective machine management and maximizing uptime.

The Falcon 820 Inclined Screen is crafted to meet the growing demands of sectors such as construction, aggregates, recycling, and landscaping. It encapsulates advanced features and cutting-edge technology, offering an unparalleled screening experience that maximizes both productivity and profitability.

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