Epiroc launches Deep Automation, the next step in automation solutions for underground material handling

Deep Automation is Epiroc’s cutting-edge set of automation systems and applications, used to orchestrate loaders and trucks in underground mining operations. Developed with interoperability in mind, customers can take control of safety zones, production assignments and autonomous traffic in real time – boosting safety, consistency, and productivity.

Epiroc has a long history of developing and implementing automation solutions in mines all over the world. Deep Automation is the next step to create an even stronger automation offering with emphasis on interoperability, giving customers full control of a production area from the safety of a control room.

We are very excited to offer the most interoperable automation solution on the market. This is made possible by a cross-platform interface between Deep Automation, mine planning tools, underground machines, and auxiliary equipment,” says Gabriel Norefors, Director of Customer Solutions Material Handling at the Underground division.

Deep Automation includes:

  • Deep Insights creates transparency through data in underground operations, enabling continuous improvements of an automated fleet.
  • Deep Fleet Simulations for simulating a production area before developing the mine or implementing automation solutions.
  • Deep Safety which provides flexible zones and access control to a production area, allowing for new vehicles to be checked in safely without interruptions.
  • Deep Routes for recording, tuning and teaching routes to the smart machines. 
  • Deep Control for controlling safety, production assignments and autonomous traffic in real-time.

With Deep Automation, we want to convey the qualities of our advanced yet easy-to-use automation solutions for material handling – with natural associations to operations deep underground, deep tech and our strong focus on deep partnerships” says Sarah Hoffman, VP Sales & Marketing at the Underground division. All trucks and loaders within Epiroc’s Smart and Green series are prepared for automation and remote control thanks to RCS, Rig Control System. Deep Automation was showcased during Epiroc’s up-coming customer event Epiroc World Expo in Örebro, Sweden,

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