July 25, 2024

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Energy-efficient control with Smart electrical panels

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In today’s world, where energy scarcity and rising costs are pressing concerns, Legrand’s Smart Electrical Panel “with Netatmo” offers a solution. This complete system is ideal for private residences and provides reliable control over electrical installations and effective tracking of energy consumption.

A single app for comprehensive control

Components of this system are fully compatible with Arteor with Netatmo wiring devices and just like Arteor with Netatmo, users need to begin the installation with a gateway module – the brains of the operation. This system is available in both a DIN rail mount version or Arteor with a Netatmo gateway kit. The gateway acts as an interface between the router and the connected products. Modules available for the Smart Electrical Panel include a smart connected electricity meter, a 16A smart lighting latching relay and a 20A Smart contactor.

By downloading the Home+ app from the Google Play or Apple App store users are able to intelligently control their home, by managing all electrical aspects of their home remotely from anywhere in the world, or by voice command through their preferred voice assistant. (Google, Apple & Amazon) With smart speakers users can talk to their home give instructions like, “Okay Google turn on my security light” or “Hey Siri, turn on the pool pump.”

Tailored to tackle Eskom’s “load limiting” initiative

Implementing Legrand’s Smart electrical panels is a strategic response to Eskom’s “load limiting” initiative. When Eskom reduces the load, the smart electrical panel allows users to selectively turn off high-consumption loads, like electric geysers, ensuring uninterrupted power for essential devices.

Monitoring and reducing energy consumption

The connected electricity meter is key for monitoring energy use. It provides detailed insights into the home’s total electricity consumption history, enabling users to track usage on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. This data is crucial for identifying high-consumption devices and improving overall energy efficiency.

Advanced control for lighting and high-consumption appliances

The connected latching relay revolutionises lighting control. This device integrates seamlessly into wireless switches in the Arteor with Netatmo range, allowing users to control lighting remotely and to set up personalised schedules, while monitoring consumption.

For high-energy consumption appliances, the connected contactor offers local and remote control, including operation in peak/off-peak automatic modes or as a conventional ON/OFF power contactor. This ensures efficient management of devices like electric geysers and swimming pool pumps.

Commitment to Smart, energy-efficient solutions

Legrand’s commitment to fostering Smart, energy-efficient homes in South Africa is evident in these user-friendly systems that are enhanced by comprehensive technical support and advisory services throughout Southern Africa. Legrand’s smart electrical panels with Netatmo home control solutions are more than just a technological advancement; they are a step towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient future, aligning perfectly with initiatives like Eskom’s “load limiting” schedule, to create smarter, more resilient homes.

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