April 25, 2024

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Criterion Equipment’s versatile range of TCM forklift trucks comprises robust machines for handling goods in all sectors, including heavy-duty applications.

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Criterion Equipment’s versatile range of TCM forklift trucks comprises robust machines for handling goods in all sectors, including heavy-duty applications.

TCM heavy-duty FD160-2, FD180-2, FD200-2 and FD230-2 machines, with capacities up to 23 ton, have been designed for high power, easy maneuverability and enhanced safety.

“We have many heavy-duty TCM forklifts currently in use in various industries around the country, that cope safely and efficiently with loads between 16 and 18 tons,” says Brenton Kemp, Managing Director of Criterion Equipment, exclusive distributors in southern Africa of the TCM range. “Typical applications of our heavy-duty range are mostly in mining and related functions, as well as in general port yards and for moving heavy equipment and tooling during manufacturing. These flexible machines have also been well received locally for use in heavy-duty logistics applications, container yards and in warehousing and storage facilities.

“Advantages of using a heavy-duty forklift to handle heavy loads, rather than the investment in overhead or mobile cranes, include the efficient total cost of ownership over the economic useful life of the forklift and greater flexibility in terms of application and ease of mobility. An important benefit of using forklifts over other equipment is these machines are easily transportable to other locations.”

The most popular units in the TCM heavy-duty forklift range (FD160-2, FD180-2) have a 900 mm load centre, a maximum fork height of 3 000 mm and a mask tilt angle of 6⁰ forward and 12⁰ backward.

The high power, internal combustion 6BG1T diesel engine (125 kW.2 200 r.p.m) meets emission levels required in Tier 2 emission control standards.

FD180-2 machines have a drawbar pull of 119 kN (12 100 kgf) at full load and gradeability with load at 1,6 km/h of 20% (11,3⁰) slope.

TCM heavy-duty-forklifts have a three-speed automatic powershift transmission for easy control of the machine. Features include a finger touch shift lever, interchangeable easy drive selections between power modes, a dial switch to control the safest travel speed and a combined type switch lever for turning and light signals. Fully hydrostatic power steering enables precise control of the machine.

Safety has been critical in the design of this series. Notable features for improved visibility include a cabin with a newly designed counterweight and no front or rear pillars, as well as a soft touch electric parking brake for added security.

Other advanced features include a newly designed fuel tank with increased capacity from 300 litres to 400 litres, which extends operating time without the need for re-fuelling.

The TCM design team constantly upgrades the design of its extensive range of forklift trucks to ensure greater controllability, enhanced safety, minimal maintenance requirements, improved environmental cleanliness and operator comfort.

Apart from Criterion Equipment’s technical advisory and support service, the company also offers a refurbishment service. This comprises cosmetic overhauls and general maintenance and repairs – to ensure optimum performance, enhanced safety, low maintenance and extended service life of every machine.

The company’s national workshops are able to completely refurbish an existing machine according to OEM specifications and also adhere to industry specific customisations for standards in heavy-duty applications, including mining, refineries and furnace installations.

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