April 25, 2024

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Correct tension, installation and maintenance improves safety and extends belt life

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BMG’s Power Transmission division has the solution to avoid dangers during installation and maintenance procedures in many industries. An easy-to-operate rotation device from Gates enhances safety for operators during installation and maintenance processes.

“BMG takes great care during product selection to ensure we are able to offer our customers the latest safety equipment designed to enhance safety onsite, optimise productivity, minimise downtime and extend the service life of every system,” explains Carlo Beukes, BMG’s Power Transmission Division, Business Unit Manager. “Included in BMG’s extensive range of safety products is our handy Gates Belt Installation + Rotation Device – BIRD™ – that has been developed to prevent an operator’s fingers and hands from getting caught in pinch points during routine installation and maintenance. While a drive is shut down and locked out, the BIRD device facilitates safe installation and rotational inspection of the drive.

“Prior to the launch of this safety device – operators would need to pull on the belt or grab the edges of the pulley or sprocket to turn the drive during installation or inspection of the drive. Regardless of the care taken, this procedure is dangerous – a split second can lead to a hand or finger being pulled into a pinch point, causing devastating injuries and costly downtime.

“Apart from focusing on safety, our commitment to customers in all sectors is to also to concentrate on Return on Investment. (RoI). We encourage our customers to implement a preventative maintenance programme across belt drive systems—especially on drives operating under heavy loads, extreme temperatures, high speeds and on critical equipment – to ensure more uptime of production and to extend service life of equipment and components.”

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