July 25, 2024

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BMG’s heavy-duty mechanical face seals offer dependable performance in harsh environments

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BMG’s extensive range of seals and gaskets comprises Trelleborg mechanical face (torric) seals, that have been specially engineered for rotating applications in arduous conditions.

“Trelleborg mechanical face seals are designed to withstand excessive wear and to prevent the ingress of harsh and abrasive external media in harsh environments. This robust sealing system offers optimum protection to equipment exposed to contamination and corrosion, thereby enhancing performance, reducing downtime and extending service life,” explains Michael Bissett, Operations Manager, BMG’s Seals and Gaskets division. “Typical applications for mechanical face seals are in heavy-duty mining equipment, including draglines, wheel loaders, shuttle cars, bucket wheels and haulage trucks. Torric seals are also designed for use in agricultural applications, for example tractors, planters and harvesting equipment. In construction, these specialised seals enhance performance of road milling machines, concrete mixers, concrete pumps and dump trucks.

“Mechanical face seals are also proven for high-performance in gearboxes, wind driven power stations and other applications with similar conditions, or where maintenance-free lifetime sealing is essential.

“BMG specialists offer customers a solutions-based service, which encompasses technical consultation to ensure trouble-free operation of seals. Most premature seal failures occur as a result of incorrect installation and improper handling or storage. To ensure optimum performance and extended service life, the correct installation method, using appropriate tools and careful handling and storage of seals is critical. Failure to install the correct sealing system, or incorrect fitment that results in a leaking seal, is highly dangerous, particularly in extreme conditions.”

Two different types of Trelleborg mechanical face seals are available from BMG. Type DO, which is the most common form, uses an O-ring as a secondary sealing element, while Type DF has an elastomer portion, with a diamond-shaped cross-section as a secondary sealing element, that replaces the O-ring.

Both types consist of two identical metal seal rings that are mounted in two separate housings, face-to-face on a lapped seal face. The metal rings are centred within their housings by an elastomer element. One half of the mechanical face seal remains static in the housing while the other half rotates with its counter face.

BMG’s extensive range of quality branded sealing products also includes rotary shaft, hydraulic and pneumatic seals, as well as allied products like O-rings, waved washers, circlips, mechanical seals, gland packing and adhesives.

The company’s commitment to providing high quality seals is evident in the extreme care taken in brand selection, in terms of standardisation, reliability, flexibility and consistent quality controls. These sealing products meet the demands of the OEM and end user for efficient performance from equipment that needs to work harder and for longer periods, as productivity levels increase.

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