April 25, 2024

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Atlas Copco employees doing it for the planet

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The Atlas Copco group does not pay mere lip service to sustainability. The global organisation is active and deliberate in its commitment to developing solutions in terms of best manufacturing practices, cutting-edge technologies and product efficiencies to meet its sustainability goals as well as to assist customers in achieving their own sustainability ambitions, to the ultimate benefit of our planet.

“From what we eat to how we travel – we emit tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually,” says Wendy Buffa-Pace, MD – Atlas Copco Industrial South Africa (Pty) Ltd. and Vice President: Sub-Saharan Africa. “Being aware of the damage caused to the environment is simply not enough; we must find new ways of doing things better and smarter. Shrinking our own carbon footprints is the first ‘green’ step that we can all take. Sustainability is without any doubt both an individual as well as a collective effort and when it comes to saving our planet we believe that no step is too small.”

This is what Atlas Copco’s ‘Small Steps for our Big Planet’ sustainability campaign is all about. This initiative sees Atlas Copco South Africa employees joining hands in a collective effort to ‘green up their act’ by taking small steps such as using less paper, water and electricity at the office and at home. Atlas Copco encourages employees with car and/or petrol allowances are encouraged to drive low-emission vehicles and use public transport when possible.

Atlas Copco also separates and buys waste at the office, aligning its resolute SHEQ focus, “Through this ingenious initiative, we use the materials from recycled Atlas Copco resell filters to produce designer desk lamps,” explains Wendy. “The lamps, which are a huge hit in the office, are also being raffled with proceeds going to our highly successful and long-standing Water for all initiative. We have also appointed “We buy waste” who hosts employee recycling workshops.” “Backed by science-based objectives, Atlas Copco is leading the way for a safer, greener, and cleaner planet. “Every step counts and the responsibility lies with each individual; together we can sustain our planet for a beautiful bright future for all,” concludes Wendy. 

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