July 25, 2024

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Another innovation for sugar production

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Bosch Engenharia, together with Bosch Projects, has developed state-of-the-art entrainment separators that effectively reduce unnecessary sugar losses during the evaporation and crystallisation processes of sugar production.

The two companies have supplied over 100 entrainment separators to sugar mills throughout the world that are specially designed to separate the mist from the vapour and return the ‘saved’ entrainment to the vessel.

“Since it is not possible to control the quantity of entrainment for a given rate of boiling in sugar production, the dimensions of entrainment separators are critical,” explains Fabio Bellam, Managing Director of Bosch Engenharia. “Änd because evaporation and crystallisation processes are not always constant, the entrainment separator must be designed to operate efficiently under different operating conditions.

“Our chevron entrainment separators, which consist of sheet plates designed to change the flow direction, operate efficiently under varying process conditions, ensuring a low pressure drop and preventing any blockages.”

This advanced entrainment separator system, with a high efficiency of recovery and low cost of investment, has become a successful solution in the global sugar industry for minimising sugar losses.

Bosch Engenharia was the first foreign subsidiary established in Brazil in 2008 by Bosch Holdings.

The company’s specialist services comprise general engineering, equipment supply; engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) projects and plant operations management.

At the establishment of Bosch Engenharia, the company partnered with a leading supplier of equipment to the Brazilian sugar and ethanol industry – to supply, install and commission the patented Bosch Projects chainless diffusers in Brazil and South America. Subsequent to this, Bosch Engenharia has successfully supplied process equipment on a turnkey basis into the South and Central American market.

The company’s initial focus on the Brazilian sugar sector has estended to now include ports and terminals, water and irrigation, as well as industrial and manufacturing services in South, Central and North America.

Bosch Projects – with over 60 years of service in the sugar sector – offers a comprehensive service globally, which encompasses sugar technology development, strategic planning and feasibility studies, project structuring and funding, plant design and engineering, design and supply of sugar processing equipment, project delivery, operational support and training.

Bosch Projects designs and supplies a full range of equipment, from front-end cane preparation and juice extraction, through to sugar production.

The Bosch Projects team works closely with its technology partners and fabricators to ensure manufacture of all equipment adheres to stringent international quality standards and exact design specifications.

The company – with a network of offices in Africa, South America, the United Kingdom and Australia – also has technology partners in the South East Asian region and the USA.

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