About ERZ

Engineering is the heartbeat of every industry as it provides them with day-to-day operational solutions, products, spares, parts, technologies that mitigate downtime, maintain production, manufacturing and keeps businesses running.

Engineering Review is a bi-monthly magazine dedicated to arm industry leaders with factual and up to minute news that equips them not to only run, manage profitable enterprises but to be both proactive and strategic in their decision making. While we remain tightly focus on Zambia’s major industries which include Agriculture, copper, emerald mining and processing, construction, beverages, food, textiles, chemicals, horticulture and manufacturing but we are by no means limited to this scope.

Main Business Sectors;

Agriculture, Industrial and Commercial Machinery, Manufacturing, Materials Handling, Mining, OEM- Original Equipment Manufacturers, Plastic, Power and Transmission, Pumps, Security and Access Control, Steel, Transport and Logistics.